Want to Successful Investing & Trading, Understand It Here!

Want to Successful Investing & Trading, Understand It Here
Investment and trading must be done in accordance with the proper planning.  Not least many investors and traders are wrong to run the plan.

"In determining the investment and trading plan, should be as small as possible to calculate the risk of loss," said Monex Investindo Futures Market Strategist Vicky Amarnani at Monex Investor Club event in Jakarta.

According to Vicky, before plunging into the world of trading, it must be adapted to the existing capital, and do not always forced to trade a higher capacity. In trading should also understand the time in detail, so that a good gain in trading.

"Prior to trading should have a policy of technical analysis as a strategy to make record three months. Thus, we can anticipate that the economic uncertainty of the global crisis more visible," he said.

In the same place, The Godfather of Fibonanci, Joe DiNapoli said in a trading should understand human psychological well. Thus, the trade will go well.

"Experience in the short term is needed to understand the long-term experience in trading, technical analysis should be considered before becoming a reliable trader. Was to be considered to be a basic trader," said DiNapoli.


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