Android OS Development

Android OS Development

Development of the Android OS - Android is an open source software aimed at mobile devices developed by Google and the Open hanset Alliance (OHA). Where in it incorporated several telecommunication companies and other mobile devices. With its open and with the support of a broad alliance of companies would need to have a glance and try to build Android applications. Either as a hobby or for a profession, just have fun or to make profit, for sure, this is the perfect time to learn Android. Has been the norm if you want to start something needs to prepare, with the preparation makes it easier to live. Talking about Android as a new operating system, certainly a lot of things we need to prepare as starter in developing Android applications. Both devices are in need as well as basic skills that must be possessed by the prospective Android developers themselves.

Fundamental for better understanding what needs to be prepared to build Android applications, it is good we need to look at the core of Android.

Android has a virtual machine called Dalvik tasked to run Android apps in order to use all the resources on Android devices with the maximum. In the Dalvik induced in several standard Java libraries are needed, because there is a java library that Dalvik can read files ending in. Classes is the result of the Java compiler program.

Android is referring to the machine, it appears that for developing Android applications using the Java programming language. So, the most basic things that need to be prepared to develop apalikasi Android is a developer must first have an understanding of concepts specifically related to the Java programming Object-Based Programming (OOP). Because if we are not going to be confused myself later.

Given the breadth of Java is certainly not all about Java related things need to be learned, because in the Dalvik engine is not all Java libraries in it so I think Java is pretty basic and helpful, the rest can be learned after trying to develop Android applications as needed.

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