Android OS Development

Android OS Development

Development of the Android OS - Android is an open source software aimed at mobile devices developed by Google and the Open hanset Alliance (OHA). Where in it incorporated several telecommunication companies and other mobile devices. With its open and with the support of a broad alliance of companies would need to have a glance and try to build Android applications. Either as a hobby or for a profession, just have fun or to make profit, for sure, this is the perfect time to learn Android. Has been the norm if you want to start something needs to prepare, with the preparation makes it easier to live. Talking about Android as a new operating system, certainly a lot of things we need to prepare as starter in developing Android applications. Both devices are in need as well as basic skills that must be possessed by the prospective Android developers themselves.

Fundamental for better understanding what needs to be prepared to build Android applications, it is good we need to look at the core of Android.

Android has a virtual machine called Dalvik tasked to run Android apps in order to use all the resources on Android devices with the maximum. In the Dalvik induced in several standard Java libraries are needed, because there is a java library that Dalvik can read files ending in. Classes is the result of the Java compiler program.

Android is referring to the machine, it appears that for developing Android applications using the Java programming language. So, the most basic things that need to be prepared to develop apalikasi Android is a developer must first have an understanding of concepts specifically related to the Java programming Object-Based Programming (OOP). Because if we are not going to be confused myself later.

Given the breadth of Java is certainly not all about Java related things need to be learned, because in the Dalvik engine is not all Java libraries in it so I think Java is pretty basic and helpful, the rest can be learned after trying to develop Android applications as needed.

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Healthy diet with Juice Drink

There are many health benefits that can be obtained from juice drinks. Beverages derived from fruits or vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals are good for health even for diet. Juice to the diet? yes, many of us were not aware that the juice can be used as a way to a healthydiet.

There are many types of fruit or vegetable that you can use to your healthy diet, here are some tips Healthy Diet with Juices.
Healthy diet with Juice Drink

Beet juice
Contains many bits, iron, potassium, vitamin C and magnesium are good for red blood cells and good for the diet.

Orange juice
Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants and function to improve digestive function is best used for those who are dieting.

Pear juice
Pears are rich in calcium, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus is very good for the diet.

Pomegranate juice
The juice is good for your heart and contains antioxidants that are good for a variety of cancers, so it's good to be consumed for diet drinks.

Cranberry juice
Cranberry contains high levels of vitamin C. Famous for its benefits that help many women to avoid infection in the bladder. Cranberry juice prevents E. coli bacteria that have been proven as a major cause of urinary tract infections. You can combine cranberries with banana as the perfect form of nutrition from vitamins and protein.

Blueberry juice
Blueberries have very low calorie content that is suitable for you who are a healthy diet, as well as the high content of vitamin C as an antioxidant that is able to cope with free radicals.

Carrot juice
Have high levels of calcium, potassium, and magnesium are very useful for the survival of bone and whole body. One of juice for weight loss also contains carotene which helps your body stay healthy. Apparently, this juice is not only great-Bearan contributes to eye health, but also rich in antioxidants that help fight cancer.

The existence of many benefits obtained from this health drink. Have you tried some juice list to support your healthy diet program.

Want to Successful Investing & Trading, Understand It Here!

Want to Successful Investing & Trading, Understand It Here
Investment and trading must be done in accordance with the proper planning.  Not least many investors and traders are wrong to run the plan.

"In determining the investment and trading plan, should be as small as possible to calculate the risk of loss," said Monex Investindo Futures Market Strategist Vicky Amarnani at Monex Investor Club event in Jakarta.

According to Vicky, before plunging into the world of trading, it must be adapted to the existing capital, and do not always forced to trade a higher capacity. In trading should also understand the time in detail, so that a good gain in trading.

"Prior to trading should have a policy of technical analysis as a strategy to make record three months. Thus, we can anticipate that the economic uncertainty of the global crisis more visible," he said.

In the same place, The Godfather of Fibonanci, Joe DiNapoli said in a trading should understand human psychological well. Thus, the trade will go well.

"Experience in the short term is needed to understand the long-term experience in trading, technical analysis should be considered before becoming a reliable trader. Was to be considered to be a basic trader," said DiNapoli.

23% of Smartphone Users Spend Time on Facebook Application

23% of Smartphone Users Spend Time on Facebook Application
Facebook is the most popular application on mobile devices, the same thing applies to the Facebook site, it has the greatest involvement of all the major sites. Total of 23% of Android-based smartphone users spent on Facebook application, which is almost a quarter of the time.
The popularity of Facebook applications were outnumbered overall level of use of Google's applications. Google Apps include Gmail 3%, 3% YouTube, Google Maps 2%, 1% Google Play, Google Search and other Google applications 1% with a total of 14%. It seems inversely, especially Android itself is an OS developed by Google.
23% of Smartphone Users Spend Time on Facebook Application

The figure itself is the fact that Facebook is the most popular apps around the world, it strengthens the rumor Facebook Facebook Phone interested in making, and develop Facebook Mobile OS in between.
What's more, the application of the most widely used second is that Instagram gives us of why Facebook acquires Instagram is the right step, because Instagram itself gained usage rate of 3%.

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